How to Pre-check Checkboxes Using Interact.jl?

How do I use Interact.jl to present a list of checkboxes with some of the boxes already checked off? Tried following the documentation and couldn’t figure out how to set specific checkboxes to true (i.e. checked off).

What I have currently, is this:


The boxes are empty by default. What I would like to have happen is for a few boxes to already be checked off when they are first shown like this:


The code I have been using is:

using Interact
options = Observable(["a", "b", "c"])
wdg = checkboxes(options)


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Issue opened here as it is still unclear how to achieve this:

I figured it out! Thanks to @piever , here is a solution that works:

options = ["a", "b", "c"]
value = ["a", "c"]
checkboxes(options, value = value)