How to plot 3-dimensional "IntervalBox()"?


Let’s say there is a box = IntervalBox(1..2, 2..3, 3..4). How can I plot it in Pluto.jl notebook? I am using IntervalArithmetic.jl and Plots.jl packages.
The code block is not working for me.

	box = IntervalBox((1..2), (3..4), (5..6))
	p = plot(box)

Thank you

I don’t know if there is a recipe for that, but in case there isn’t, you may find a solution here.

Code example
using Plots, IntervalArithmetic

box = IntervalBox((1..2), (3..4), (5..6))
;a, b, c = box
xc = [a.lo, a.lo, a.lo, a.lo, a.hi, a.hi, a.hi, a.hi]
yc = [b.lo, b.hi, b.lo, b.hi, b.lo, b.lo, b.hi, b.hi]
zc = [c.lo, c.lo, c.hi, c.hi, c.hi, c.lo, c.lo, c.hi]
connections = [(1,2,3), (4,2,3), (4,7,8), (7,5,6), (2,4,7), (1,6,2), (2,7,6), (7,8,5), (4,8,5), (4,5,3), (1,6,3), (6,3,5)]

mesh3d(xc, yc, zc; connections, proj_type=:persp, lc=:gray, xlabel="x", ylabel="y", zlabel="z")