How to output a local import from a macro

Trying to output a local import statement. The export statement works fine, but can’t figure out local import inside or outside quote. I tried running esc, QuoteNode, symbol… all sorts of combinations.

macro testmacro(T)
    name = T
    tname = Symbol(name, "Extra")
    blk = quote
        module $(esc(name))
            $(esc(tname)) = "test"
        import . $(esc(name)) : $(esc(tname)) # <- doesn't work
        export $(esc(name)), $(esc(tname))
    # push!(blk.args, :(import $(Symbol(".$(modname):")) $(typename))) # <- doesn't work
    blk.head = :toplevel
    return blk

I think it’s because of your extra spacing around the .. This seems to work:

julia> mod = :MyModule

julia> f = :sin

julia> :(import .$mod: $f)
:(import .MyModule: sin)

Once in a while, I get stuck with this kind of problem. If I can’t write the expression with quote, I just dump what I want to produce, and build it “manually” with Expr and such. It’s uglier, but it always works.

julia> dump(:(import .MyModule: sin))
  head: Symbol import
  args: Array{Any}((1,))
    1: Expr
      head: Symbol :
      args: Array{Any}((2,))
        1: Expr
          head: Symbol .
          args: Array{Any}((2,))
            1: Symbol .
            2: Symbol MyModule
        2: Expr
          head: Symbol .
          args: Array{Any}((1,))
            1: Symbol sin

As an aside, reading your code, I would just esc(quote ... end), instead of escaping individual elements…