How to @opt_out rules defined with RuleConfig in Zygote

Let’s say I have a type WeirdNumber <: Number is so weird that I don’t want its derivative of power function (^) be calculated by rrule of ^ and literal_pow, and should instead go through and differentiate its definition. Since Zygote defines AD-specific rules for literal_pow with RuleConfig in its code base, I had to also @opt_out this rule. However, the following MWE didn’t work:

using ChainRulesCore: @opt_out, RuleConfig
import Base: ^

struct WeirdNumber <: Number

^(x::WeirdNumber, p::Int) = WeirdNumber(x.a ^ p)

@opt_out rrule(::typeof(Base.literal_pow), ::typeof(^), x::WeirdNumber, ::Val{p}) where {p}
@opt_out rrule(::RuleConfig, ::typeof(Base.literal_pow), ::typeof(^), x::WeirdNumber,
               ::Val{p}) where {p}

using Zygote

fun(x::WeirdNumber) = (x^4).a

gradient(fun, WeirdNumber(2.))


ERROR: type Nothing has no field method
  [1] getproperty(x::Nothing, f::Symbol)
    @ Base ./Base.jl:38
  [2] has_chain_rrule(T::Type)
    @ Zygote ~/.julia/packages/Zygote/SmJK6/src/compiler/chainrules.jl:21
  [3] #s2948#1074
    @ ~/.julia/packages/Zygote/SmJK6/src/compiler/interface2.jl:20 [inlined]
  [4] var"#s2948#1074"(::Any, ctx::Any, f::Any, args::Any)
    @ Zygote ./none:0
  [5] (::Core.GeneratedFunctionStub)(::Any, ::Vararg{Any})
    @ Core ./boot.jl:582
  [6] _pullback
    @ ~/Applications/project/TaylorDiff.jl/.vscode/opt_lit_pow.jl:16 [inlined]
  [7] _pullback(ctx::Zygote.Context{false}, f::typeof(fun), args::WeirdNumber)
    @ Zygote ~/.julia/packages/Zygote/SmJK6/src/compiler/interface2.jl:0
  [8] pullback(f::Function, cx::Zygote.Context{false}, args::WeirdNumber)
    @ Zygote ~/.julia/packages/Zygote/SmJK6/src/compiler/interface.jl:44
  [9] pullback
    @ ~/.julia/packages/Zygote/SmJK6/src/compiler/interface.jl:42 [inlined]
 [10] gradient(f::Function, args::WeirdNumber)
    @ Zygote ~/.julia/packages/Zygote/SmJK6/src/compiler/interface.jl:96