How to make fields in type object undefined


Hi folks,
in many of my julia codes I define my own type variables, in such a way that nothing is by default initialized, expecting the user will initialize the fields he needs. For instance

type fooo
    x :: Int
    y :: Float64
    z :: Int
    t :: Float64
    fooo() = new()

and then

kkk = fooo()
kkk.x = 10

gives as result


while, obviously






also yields


because some values have been set to kkk.y. My question is: is there a way to get to know that kkk.x has been given a value while kkk.y contains garbage and has not been given any value by the user?

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Nope. Consider changing your type fields to Nullables and then use isnull.


You can use a “sentinel value”, i.e. a special value that is not valid for your use case. For example, that could be -1 for integer fields if they must be non-negative, or NaN for Floats.


Not for primitive types. Think about it: since every bit pattern is a meaningful value, it is impossible to know how it got there.

As @dpsanders said, sentinel values are in general a possible solution, but if you tell us more about your problem, you might get a more specific suggestion.