How to make a demonized process

Hello everyone. I am quite new to julia and it’s multiprocessing model.
What I need is a way to make a demonized process in julia.
In python I have done it through double fork but I have not been able to find a way for it in julia.
I basicly need to have a long running process in background and detached from terminal that should be able to use sockets to send and receive information.
Any help would be much appreciated.

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Tasks are a control flow feature that allows computations to be suspended and resumed in a flexible manner. This feature is sometimes called by other names, such as symmetric coroutines, lightweight threads, cooperative multitasking, or one-shot continuations. Tasks provide concurrency within one thread.

You can also launch a work on a separate process, see here.

There is also multi-threading but it is experimental, and probably not your best choice.

Like python, you can just fork again:

spawn(`$(Base.julia_cmd()) -e "subcommand"`)

Or at the terminal, you can also just run it in the background, without completely detaching control (by adding &, or hitting ^Z and then running bg 1)

As an aside, I think most recent service management (such as launchd and systemd) now handle this, and prefer that you don’t double-fork and daemonize though.

Thanks @jameson
That was helpful.
However after some research I realized that using systemd is better and it is not that difficult too. I am going to give it a try.