How to make a command with brackets in it

Hi everyone,

this is very simple and frutrating. I just want to make this into a command that I can run:

for x = 4:2:10
    y = [4 5.5 7]
run( `surfaceTransformPoints -translate   '( $x $y 0 )'  file.stl file_temp.stl`)

It complains about the special charaters ( and '. When I use single quotes on each, the single tick ’ comes out properly in the command, but the brackets produce extra ', which cause the external program to crash.

Any ideas? thanks

Did you try quoting with double quotes ""? In any case single quotes seem to prevent variable interpolation in Cmds:

julia> `echo "$x"`
`echo 1`

julia> `echo '$x'`
`echo '$x'`
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Yep, I discovered that shortly after posting this… Thanks!