How to make 3d interactive graphics in Julia?

I found a web page with a similar tutorial. But when I copy the code to run, it gives an error. Hope you all can help me.

using PlotlyJS, CSV, HTTP, DataFrames
# Read data from a csv
df = CSV.File(
) |> DataFrame
z_data = Matrix{Float64}(df)
layout = Layout(
    title="Mt Bruno Elevation",
    margin=attr(l=65, r=50, b=65, t=90)
plot(surface(z=z_data), layout)

The error message is as follows

ERROR: IOError(Base.IOError("getaddrinfo: no such file or directory (ENOENT)", -4058) during request(

Hi @mathliker please read the official documentation of the corresponding Julia package to make sure that you are not hitting an outdated example:

Alternatively, consider this other package:

Welcome @mathliker

The code works well in Julia 1.7.2 (Windows).
Try to download the URL with a browser and see what you get there.

I get this:

... snipped

I got the same results as you, I’m using Julia 1.8-rc1.

You may download the file to some local location and open it directly using, e.g.:

df = CSV.File("c:\\Temp\\mt_bruno_elevation.csv") |> DataFrame

OK, thanks. One last little question is how should I save the image?


But for me it offers a save picture symbol (as png) in the plot window, so perhaps that’s fine for you too.