How to initialize a GeometryBasics.Point{2, Float32} that contains no point?

I am trying to initialize an empty GeometryBasics.Point{2, Float32}, could anyone help?

What would a point without coordinates look like? How do you want to use it?

I think is just point = Point2f0[] .

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You can’t initialize an empty point, but you can initialize an empty array of points, which is what @lazarusA suggested.

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Note that with the latest version it’s now Point2f[].

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thank you!

is there document of Point2f function? was trying to search but didn’t find it…

Note that that is a syntax sugar for

GeometryBasics.Point{2, Float32}[]

It is not something different. Maybe that was not clear.


GeometryBasics is still underdocumented unfortunately. As pointed by @lmiq Point2f is an alias for Point{2, Float32}. You can see this easily in the REPL:

julia> Point2f
Point{2, Float32}

Typing ?Point2f or ?Point shows the help:

help?> Point2f
search: Point2f Point2 Pointf Point4f Point3f Point1f Point4 Point3 Point1 Point pointer PointMeta pointmeta PointWithUV

  No documentation found.


  struct Point{S, T}


So although there is no documentation written for Point, we can see it’s the name of a struct type. The type name can be used as a function to instantiate the type, it’s called a constructor (see the manual here). But when you write Point2f[] you don’t use Point2f as a function (constructor), but simply as a type name, just like we write Int[] to declare an empty array of Int.