How to increase the vertical gap between subplots in Plots.jl

I have four subplots

using MonteCarloMeasurements, Plots

x = LinRange(1:0.1:3)
a = 1 \pm 0.1
b = 2 \pm 0.3

f(x)  = a*x + b

fig1 = plot(x, f.(x))
fig2 = plot(x, f.(x))
fig3 = plot(x, f.(x))
fig4 = plot(x, f.(x))

They are arranged in a layout of 2 by 2

plot(fig1, fig2, fig3, fig4, layout=(2,2)) 

I notice the vertical distance between subplots is small. How can I increase this distance?

Thank you.

Use the margin keyword with a length in mm, accessible as

plot(randn(10,4), layout=4, margin=10*
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Thank you for your help.