How to increase resolution of an image generated from a sparse pointcloud?

I’ve an image form pointcloud which is sparse, Using UNet can be an issue because there will not be many points in its window.
Its pixel values are basically classes. e.g. [3,4]=11 where pixel 3,4 has class 11.
My image looks like

I’ve tried using

imgg = imfilter(img, Kernel.gaussian(3))

but that will change classification assigned per pixel.
Is there an increase resolution function in julia? Thanks

If it is important that the output pixels have classes drawn from the input labels, perhaps you could use a nearest-neighbor interpolation. Assuming your pointcloud is stored as an array of points[N, 3] where the first two columns are the coordinates and points[1:end, 3] are the labels:

using Interpolations
itp = interpolate(
    (points[1:end, 1], points[1:end, 2]),
    points[1:end, 3],
    (Gridded(Constant()), Gridded(Constant())))
# itp can be queried by (x,y) to retrieve the class at a particular position,
# perhaps in a loop to generate an output image at a desired resolution.
itp(5.5, 6.3)

Thanks, i’ll give it a try

Using a higher meters per pixel setting for the point cloud reduces the resolution and the gaps