How to include resource files in a package

I am writing a simple CAD-like system in Julia where, among other things, I have functions that produce LaTeX commands for drawing 2D shapes. These are just fragments that need to be include-d in a main.tex LaTeX file with a lot of heading stuff that is always the same. So, I thought it would be nice to ship that main.tex file within the Julia package that implements the CAD system. This is a quite standard approach with Java packages (e.g. for storing icons, I18N resource bundles, etc.). I have seen ongoing work on the ResourceBundles.jl project, with a focus on implementing I18N.
Question: is there a simple/basic way to ship files in a package that can easily be read at runtime by any code “using” that package?

If it is just a plain text file you can just put it in some subfolder in your repo, otherwise you can maybe use an artifact, see 8. Artifacts · Pkg.jl.

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I see, it looks great. Thanks a lot!