How to host your deep learning model trained in flux

How to host your saved julia flux model on web? Like Pytorch and Flask are used

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function predict(req)
    io = IOBuffer(HTTP.payload(req))
    x =
    y = model(x)
    HTTP.Response(200, JSON3.write(y))

router = HTTP.Router()
HTTP.@register(router, "POST", "predict", predict)
HTTP.serve(router, "", port)
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There is also Dash.jl

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I find a lot of features missing in Dash. I would rather use Genie.jl

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But your example was just HTTP right, not genie?

This makes me wonder. Are there any ‘example’ pages out there which are based on Genie.jl?

Yes I’m working on Genie example/tutorial. This was a quick snippet meanwhile

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I am working on an example with Stipple FastAI.jl(model) and Genie. You might wanna check. However it’s still work in progress

What is Stipple? It’s a all-in-one Streamlit and Plotly solution for Julia. You can make Single page apps and multi-page apps in Julia itself which is then converted in vuejs code …it’s built on top of Genie

Why FastAI? I was already familiar with FastAI python(but not very familiar with Flux.jl) …also SOTA results