How to get version number from Package compiled into System Image?

If I use PackageCompiler.jl to add a package to my system image, how can I get the version number of the package that was compiled?

I’m aware of PkgVersion.jl, but I believe this is only returning the version number found from the package as installed in my environment. So for example if I add Colors.jl v0.12.6 to my system image, but then update my environment to Colors.jl v0.12.7, how can I ask Julia running my custom system image for the version of Colors.jl such that I get v0.12.6 back?

Furthermore, if I launch Julia using my custom system image with Colors.jl included, then as I understand the Colors namespace/module is all ready loaded, in other words I don’t need to call using Colors and if I run names(Main, imported=true) then Colors will be in the list. But, what if I did call using Colors? Which module would then be loaded? The already loaded module in my system image, or would Colors.jl from my environment then load?

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