How to get the commit of HEAD of a Julia package?

Is there a way to get the commit of HEAD of a Julia package from within Julia without using git commands in shell? Googling gave the following command git rev-parse HEAD in git, so is there an equivalent in LibGit2 or Pkg?

The following works:

gitdir = joinpath(Pkg.dir(package_name), ".git")
commit = strip(readstring(`git --git-dir $gitdir rev-parse HEAD`))

It seems that Pkg.dir(package_name) returns an incorrect path when the package is located in a custom path in the LOAD_PATH variable. Should I open an issue? And what is the alternative, searching myself in LOAD_PATH?

The Pkg.dir() function essentially return JULIA_PKGDIR, so this is known. What is your usecase? To record the current state of a package? In Pkg3 this will all be recorded in the Manifest.toml file.

Yes. For now, I can search the paths myself.

This is one way, not sure if it is the best.

julia> r = LibGit2.GitRepo(".")

julia> LibGit2.peel(LibGit2.GitCommit, LibGit2.head(r))
Git Commit:
Commit Author: Name: Kristoffer Carlsson, Email:, Time: 2018-03-12 11:24:27+01:00
Committer: Name: Kristoffer Carlsson, Email:, Time: 2018-05-14 11:18:17+02:00
SHA: c3cf88ad03abbac9d5d7074863d7277a186cce82
use Pkg3 for docs

julia> LibGit2.GitHash(ans)

julia> string(ans)

This is what I am getting:

julia> r = LibGit2.GitRepo(".")
ERROR: GitError(Code:ENOTFOUND, Class:Repository, Could not find repository from '.')
 [1] macro expansion at .\libgit2\error.jl:99 [inlined]
 [2] Base.LibGit2.GitRepo(::String) at .\libgit2\repository.jl:10

Well "." is the path to the repository. I just happened to have my current working dir inside a repo.

Oh I see so you were answering the first question on the Julia alternative. But the Pkg.dir problem means that I still have to search for this path myself.

You can use the internal function find_in_path,

julia> Base.find_in_path("Compat")

julia> Base.find_in_path("JuAFEM")

Normal caveates about internal functions apply.

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Awesome thanks! What caveats are you talking about?

Like that it is renamed and doesn’t work in the same way on 0.7

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