How to get location of sequence in GenomicAnnotations

I am newcomer in BioJulia and getting interested in it. Now I am starting to use GenomicAnnotations package. For example, I open a genbank file of E. coli K12 as

using GenomicAnnotations
K12 = readgbk(“K12.gbff”)
K12v = [ ]
for record in K12
K12v = [K12v; record]

and obtain
gene 190…255

I can see that the location is from 190 to 255.
But, how can I get this location in the code as a vector, for example?

Version of Julia : 1.8.5
Version of GenomicAnnotations : 0.3.3

Thank you.

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This is a little bit late, but take a look at this issue:


That is just what I have wanted!
Thank you very much.

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