How to get in XLSX.jl a XLSX.CellRef from column and row number

I have a Question regarding XLSX.jl:

One can insert a 2 dimensional data matrix MA via,

XLSX.openxlsx("my_Test.xlsx", mode="rw") do xf
    sheet = xf[1]
    sheet["C7"] = MA

but if I want to add this matrix in column 100 row 7 then I did not find out how a easy way to do it.
One can access the content of column 100 row 7 via sheet[100,7].
But for sheet[100,7] = MA no method is defined.
For inserting the matrix one needs a cell reference in the style sheet["CO7"].

How can I find out what the cell reference for sheet[100,7] is?
How to get in XLSX.jl a XLSX.CellRef from column and row number

Many Thanks

You could index using XLSX.CellRef(100,7). It is unexported though, so there might be a better way.
sheet[XLSX.CellRef(100,7)] = MA

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sheet[r, c] = value should work. It is defined.

This code works.

XLSX.openxlsx(fp, mode="rw") do xf
           sheet = xf[1]
           sheet["B1"] = "new data"
           sheet[10,2] = "other data"

Can you share the version for XLSX you’re using and the error message?

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Thank you for your reply(@ felipenoris). Sorry for the late reply I was out of office:
I was asking for a way to insert a Matrix at a certain position:

A=[1 2; 3 4]
XLSX.openxlsx("my_Try.xlsx", mode="w") do xf
    sheet = xf[1]
    sheet[10,2]= A
ERROR: MethodError: no method matching setdata!(::XLSX.Worksheet, ::Int64, ::Int64, ::Array{Int64,2})

does not work. I am using XLSX v0.7.3 and Julia 1.5

would work.
But if I want to add a matrix or vector programmatically in some far away column this does not help.
Thanks to @AndiMD