How to get a list of built-in functions in a package and a short description?

Is it possible to get a list of the built-in functions within a package along with a brief description for each function?
For example, in the Julia REPL, we can load the Econometrics package using Econometrics and then use the names(Econometrics) to obtain a condensed list of items within the package.
How can I get the complete list of items within a package and maybe a brief description per function?

Another more general question:
Is it possible to obtain some information (short description, size of package, etc) about a package that has not yet been added locally?

@doc shows the DocString for an object. One option is therefore

for nm in names(Revise)
   x = @eval @doc $nm
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Not on the REPL, but the documentation websites for the packages usually have a section - usually the last section of the docs - called “API Reference” or “Function reference” or similar, that lists all the functions that have docstrings attached to them.
From the REPL, one easy way to get to these doc websites is to do ?Modulename. In most cases, this prints out the README file of the module, and you can look for a link with “documentation” or “docs” near it.

I wish there was! Maybe there’s a package out there to do this, but as far as I know none in Julia or in the Pkg standard library. It’s a very useful feature that’s in most operating system package managers, that I miss in Julia’s Pkg.

The PkgOnlineHelp package can help with this.

This prints nothing for me. Even after doing using Revise.