How to get a JuliaLang Discourse API token

Hey all, who do I contact in order to get a DIscourse API token? @vchuravy are you an admin/moderator on here? I am going to make a discourse-feed channel on Slack.

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You may also find it helpful to ask in the #community channel on Slack

In short contact one of the admins

What would that channel do? :thinking:

Same as StackOverflow-feed. Just another way to stay up to speed and consume all of your Julia related stuff on Slack.

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Like posting every new thread?

That was my initial minimum working idea.

I personally see less value in this than in #stackoverflow-feed: I think the community of Discourse is closer to that of Slack than what the community of StackOverflow is. Also, a #discourse-feed would likely produce a larger traffic, I see that there are about 20 threads per day here.

If all you’d like is each new thread, may I suggest simply making use of the existing rss feed for this forum?

Remember that our slack only keeps the last 20k messages. I feel like consuming that limit with extra discourse messages is not necessarily worth it.