How to generate a file full of image in one time, inset of one image at each time?

Hello community,

DISKS=get(Array,read(FitsImage, “DISK/Int_a=1.5_incl=0.0_pa=0.0_e=0.0_wave=900.fits”));

I have this code. I would like inset of given to julia just one image to execute. I would like to give it a file and to execute all the images inside of it. please help the newbie.

Thanks in advance.

I’m not sure what you’re asking, but is FITSIO.jl what you’re looking for?

Thank for your feedback. I trying to generate a database. With the line that i shared I just can generate one image at each execution. I would like to give to the code a file and he generate for me a lot of image at once.

By “generate” you mean “read from file”, yes? And you have a FITS file containing many images which you want to read in at once? Then FITSIO is what you want.

Read the file in to a FITSIO object, then loop through the images in that object. I can’t really be more specific than that, because I haven’t heard of the format before today, but I think the documentation for that package should get you started.

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thank you