How to find out the version of NetworkLayout.jl that worked for particular trees

Late in september 2021, NetworkLayout.buchheim worked even with a non tree network. More precisely, it assigned coordinates to the nodes of an “almost” rooted tree, in the sense that a node could have two parents (example of such “trees” are the descendants in Math Genealogy Project of an advisor, as a root. A node in that graph can have more than one parent/advisor). Now I have the NetworkLayout, version 0.4.4 and it detects such a node, and throws the error:

ArgumentError: Buchheim assumption broken, this is not a rooted tree: Node 74 has multiple parent nodes

Is it possible to find out which was the last version of NetworkLayout.jl that worked with such pseudo-trees? I’d like to install it in a separate environment.

0.4.4 contained the changes for Bucheim (check buchheim assumtions by hexaeder · Pull Request #34 · JuliaGraphs/NetworkLayout.jl · GitHub ) so try 0.4.3?

Thank you! 0.4.3 is the version that works.