How to find min/max or Q1/median/Q3 in Julia

Dear all,
I have a dataframe and I can use describe to have an initial hint of the data. But to have more control, I would like to find these values one column at the time.
So I can find the average of one column with mean(df[:column]).
But if I do min(df[:column]) I get the error MethodError No method matching min, but using statistics is loaded.
And if I do describe(df[:column], stats = :min) I get an argument error.
What is wrong?
Can I apply these basic statistics to selected columns of a dataframe? Can I find a median or quartile/percentiles?
Thank you

You want minimum(df[:column]). Note that you can also do df.column. The min function is for returning the minimum of its arguments, for example min(0,1,2) == 0. For describe, the stats keyword argument is deprecated. Use regular arguments instead, for example describe(df, :mean, :min).

Also note that you can view the documentation string for these functions directly in the REPL by typing e.g. ?describe.

If you are not already aware of it, you may want to check out StatsBase.jl.

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Thank you. I use REPL but I did not know about minimum. I’ll have a look at StatsBase.

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