How to extract pvalue?

Hello i’m using EqualVarianceTTest() from HypothesisTests.jl. I did test and it gives a summary report but i don’t know how can i extract some specific values from summary? such as p-value in case i want to do several tests and store just p-values or something else.

Pretty straightforward:

julia> using HypothesisTests

julia> evtt = EqualVarianceTTest(rand(20), rand(20))
Two sample t-test (equal variance)
Population details:
    parameter of interest:   Mean difference
    value under h_0:         0
    point estimate:          0.0843648
    95% confidence interval: (-0.1181, 0.2868)

Test summary:
    outcome with 95% confidence: fail to reject h_0
    two-sided p-value:           0.4042

    number of observations:   [20,20]
    t-statistic:              0.8435071535633514
    degrees of freedom:       38
    empirical standard error: 0.10001670523306273

julia> pvalue(evtt)