How to export programatically-generated variables from a module

There might be a much simpler solution to this that doesn’t even involve metaprogramming, but what I’m trying to do is generate some variables within a module that will hold data frames and then make those variables available from the file that’s calling the function that generates the data frames:

# modules/create_dataframes.jl
module CreateDataFrames
using CSV, DataFrames
export create_dataframes

function create_dataframes(filepaths::Vector{String})
    for (ind, file) in enumerate(filepaths)
        dfname = Symbol("df$ind")
        @eval $dfname =$file, normalizenames = true, ignoreemptylines = true, copycols = true)


# /app.jl
using .CreateDataFrames

filepaths = ["path/to/file1.csv", "path/to/file2.csv"]


If I move the create_dataframes function out of the module and into app.jl, it works just fine. However, I don’t want this function to live inside of app.jl as I have some other related functions that I want to keep in a separate file. Is there some way to export a programatically-generated variable from within a module?

I would put them in a Dict, and just modify/export that.