How to escape boolean operators in HTTP.escapeuri()?

I need to escape a string that has characters defined in the apache Lucene implementation

Ex. 1 (the “+” asserts that the identifier intNum is included somewhere in the doc)

+intNum%20NOT%20natNum # all non-positive integers

MWE, the “+” is getting url-escaped and I don’t want this

str = HTTP.escapeuri("+intNum NOT natNum")
@test str == "+intNum%20NOT%20natNum"


attempting to manually escape the escaping didn’t work:

query = HTTP.escapeuri("\\+intNum NOT natNum")

query = HTTP.escapeuri("\+intNum NOT natNum")
ERROR: syntax: invalid escape sequence

Is there some other package I should be using for this?

This module overloads HTTP.issafe()
I just copied everything from line 300-321 and added a line to make ‘+’ not get escaped):

using Pkg;Pkg.activate("./")

module LuceneSearch
  import HTTP.IOExtras

  export issafe,escapeuri

  @inline issafe(c::Char) = c == '-' ||
                            c == '.' ||
                            c == '_' ||
                            c == '+' || # added '+' to the list of characters to ignore
                            (isascii(c) && (isletter(c) || isnumeric(c)))

  utf8_chars(str::AbstractString) = (Char(c) for c in IOExtras.bytes(str))

  "percent-encode a string, dict, or pair for a uri"
  function escapeuri end

  escapeuri(c::Char) = string('%', uppercase(string(Int(c), base=16, pad=2)))
  escapeuri(str::AbstractString, safe::Function=issafe) =
    join(safe(c) ? c : escapeuri(c) for c in utf8_chars(str))

  escapeuri(bytes::Vector{UInt8}) = bytes
  escapeuri(v::Number) = escapeuri(string(v))
  escapeuri(v::Symbol) = escapeuri(string(v))

  escapeuri(key, value) = string(escapeuri(key), "=", escapeuri(value))
  escapeuri(key, values::Vector) = escapeuri(key => v for v in values)
  escapeuri(query) = join((escapeuri(k, v) for (k,v) in query), "&")
  escapeuri(nt::NamedTuple) = escapeuri(pairs(nt))

Seems to work fine:

using Test,HTTP,.LuceneSearch

@testset "uri escaping" begin
  @test HTTP.escapeuri("i+am sam.") == "i%2Bam%20sam."
  @test LuceneSearch.escapeuri("i+am sam.") == "i+am%20sam."

Test Summary: | Pass  Total
uri escaping  |    2      2
Test.DefaultTestSet("uri escaping", Any[], 2, false)