How to ensure Makie's theme activation occurs when called in a module?

I had some script with lots of convenience plotting functions for Makie, as well as a bunch of themes I like to use in my work. For reproducibility I decided to make it a Julia package so that it can be added and its git hash is referenced.

Inside my module there is the line:


Unfortunately, when i do using MakieThemeing,
this line is ignored. I don’t know if it is run or not, but Makie doesn’t register it. It keeps the default theme. I need to do in addition again
set_theme!(DEFAULT_THEME) after using MakieThemeing, for the theme setting to work.

Why do I have to do this twice and how can I make it so that it happens automatically on using MakieThemeing?

put that in __init__(), it is not called at using time but only at precompilation time the way you wrote it. Cf. Top level code in JuliaLang doesn't do what you think it does


As this is directly related, is there any way to also export variables defined inside the __init__() function? I need this to export my COLORS variable because Makie doesn’t support to_color(::Cycled) there isn’t any other way for me to actually obtain the colors of the color cycle.

EDIT: To answer my question, it is as simple as adding a global decleration before the variable.

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