How to draw three box plot for each job title in each year from 2020,2021,2022(give up on vegalite, any package as long as they can work, no makie cz my computer can't install it)?

Hi, I have got this dataset which comes from the following code:

import Downloads 
using DLMReader, VegaLite, InMemoryDatasets"") 
new=filter(ds,:employment_type,by= ==("FT")) 

and so far I have draw this:

new |> @vlplot(mark={:boxplot},x=:job_title, y=:salary_in_usd, width=800, height=400)

I need to draw three box plot for each job title to represent the different work year from 2020,2021,2022,no makie package cause somehow my computer can’t install it, can someone please give me some advices? Thanks!