How to do multiply updates with Observables.jl?

In version 0.4 of Observables.jl, it was possible to fire several events on an update using channels. However, it disappeared from version 0.5. Is there any way how to do it now? It would be useful for making a video player in Makie.

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This seems a bit clunky, but it might solve your problem.

trigger = Observable(1)

multiple = Observable(1)

on(trigger) do value
    for i in 1:10
        multiple[] = i + value

on(multiple) do value
    println("value is $value")

trigger[] = 3

Thank you for the help. I was too fixed on channels, but it is possible to do it without them. This example works well, but for my code to work, there needs to be β€œ@async for”.