How to do Cross Tabs?

Is there a package to do Cross Tabulation? I have HypothesisTests and StatsBase, but can’t find anything about Cross Tabulation in the documentation for each.

A cross tabulation is the same as a frequency table, which you asked on a different thread. Maybe you can explain what you are trying to do in more detail?

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Ok thanks, I think I’ll try doing a frequency table for a smaller set of variables. I might also look at how to do it manually, since it seems that freqency tables don’t work with the amount of RAM I have.

I think you want a Julia program to automate making frequency tables.
If so, @nalimilan has a nice pkg that does exactly this:

However, it would be a valuable learning experience for you to do it manually, imho…

I have done that, but I’m having trouble exporting the output to excel, and Atom only shows a sample of the frequency tables.

Is there a way to get it to show all the frequency tables, formated, so I can cut and paste to Word?