How to display "Angstrom" symbol as an axis label in Makie?

Angstrom is commonly used as an unit in astronomy. In LaTeX, we can easily input it using “\AA”. I tried to display it in Makie as an axis label, but failed. L"\AA" doesn’t work.

For example:

using CairoMakie, LaTeXStrings
fig = Figure(font = “CMU Serif”)
x = range(1, stop = 10, length = 1000)
y = sin.(x)
ax = Axis(fig[1, 1], ylabel = L"y (\AA)“, xlabel = L"x”)
lines!(ax, x, y)
save(“temp.pdf”, fig)

Is there any method to make it displayed properly? Thanks very much.

Just type \AA<TAB> to get a unicode Å and use that?

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Just to clarify, most Julia tools support input for unicode characters. E.g. if you use julia in the terminal or in VS code, Jupyter, Pluto, you can input latex-like unicode characters by slash-followed-by-tab autocompletion. I would also suggest installing the wonderful Julia Mono typeface, a font that makes your unicode-rich code so much more beautiful

Of course, going straight to LaTeXStrings is a reasonable approach too.

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You can also open an issue to add the command to MathTeXEngine.jl if you think that it should be supported.

Your code works fine for me:

↑ PDF, although the PNG shows a bit of pixellation:

Screenshot 2022-10-17 at 10.39.38

MathTeXEngine v0.5.0 is happy to display Å via LaTeXStrings:

I believe it uses the NewComputerModern font automatically.

Thank you very much. I update my MathTeXEngine to version 0.5.3, then it works fine! :grin:

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