How to discover packages that are holding other packages from updating?

DataFrames v0.11.0 was released, but some package is holding me from updating it. Is there a canonical procedure documented somewhere for discovering these packages that are preventing updates?

For this particular case, try the official list. Note that requirements stored in METADATA override those in the individual package REQUIRE files.

This means that local REQUIRE files aren’t helpful in identifying the packages?

Thanks for the list.

Well, they should indicate which packages might be the problem, but don’t have up-to-date version info. The issue is that the REQUIRE file was checked at the time of a package tag, but when a dependency is updated with a new API the relationship has to be put in METADATA instead. (Apparently this has to be managed by hand; one hopes Pkg3 will do better.)

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Pkg3 is suppose to.

So far I have found three packages that definitely prevent the upgrade of DataFrames to v0.11.1 on Julia v0.6.1. They are ExcelFiles, PlotlyJS, and MySQL. I suspect ODBC might do the same. Doubtless there are others but I have now been able to get to v0.11.1.

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I started with a fresh JULIA_PKGDIR and was able to update my GeoStats.jl package for the latest DataFrames.jl.

Thank you for sharing the list of packages that was problematic for you.

I did much the same - renamed my old package directory and created a new one. Then I added DataFrames first and continued adding packages until I hit ones that reverted to an older DataFrames version.

I have confirmed that the ODBC package prevents DataFrames from upgrading to v0.11.1.

The current problematic packages that I know are ExcelFiles, PlotlyJS (Plotly?), MySQL, and ODBC.

Checking further, it looks like there are active changes in progress for ODBC to support the missing construct. Hopefully this will get merged soon and remove the impediment in upgrading DataFrames.

I’m going through the same process. Would you mind filing issues for any packages you find that don’t work on 0.11?

It looks as if Plotly/PlotlyJS may now work with DataFrames v0.11. I have filed issues against ExcelFiles, MySQL, and ODBC.packages for incompatibility with DataFrames v0.11.

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