How to create to separate, simultaneously coexisting plot windows

How can I create to separate windows, where each shows a Figure / Scene?
When I try to create two Figure()s, I can only show one at a time. The same is true for Scene()s.

fig1 = Figure()
# add axes, plots, labels, widgets to fig1

fig2 = Figure()
# add stuff to fig2
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Currently you can only have one window open with GLMakie. There are some things that assume only one active window (e.g. shader compilation) that need to get refactored before we can have multiple windows.

I see, thank you. Is it possible to get two windows using GLMakie and WGLMakie? Or could I combine GLMakie with CairoMakie somehow, as long as I have no more than one interactive plot?

I guess in theory you can show a scene with GLMakie, keep it open, then call CairoMakie.activate!() and continue creating CairoMakie figures. I’ve never tried this, though.