How to convert Cartesian Index array into a Boolean array?

I have a Cartesian index array like the below:
Ind = CartesianIndex{2}[CartesianIndex(1, 1), CartesianIndex(2, 1), CartesianIndex(3, 1), ...];

I have an array A with the same number of rows and 35 columns. I want to only extract the rows out of A with the Cartesian Index being 1, using a command like the below:
B = A[Ind, :];

Unfortunately, I can’t do that with an CartesianIndex. Otherwise, my array will become a n x 1 array, instead of the expected n x 35 array.

I wonder if anyone could show me how to convert my Cartesian index array into a regular Boolean array, so that I can do the above. Many thanks!

This seems to be another 1-column matrix vs vector issue.

After I convert my data to vector first before generating the Cartesian index, it is working as expected now.