How to convert an ODESystem to NonlinearSystem?

I know there is a “convert_system” function which can convert a “NonlinearSystem” to an “ODESystem”. Can we do it backwards? So that we can have both steady-state and dynamic simulation with a single code base.

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Good point. Open an issue. Right now, if you have a NonlinearSystem you can use the SteadyStateDiffEq.jl methods to solve the nonlinear system via ODEs, but it’s not at the symbolic level.

It turns out that a similar issue has been opened 4 weeks ago.
link to issue

Okay cool. Yeah we’ll get to it: it’s not too difficult. Also the NonlinearSolve.jl docs are what’s on my table right now, and there’s some simple fixes there that would make this straight forward. So check back there in a little bit, and remind me if I drop it.