How to check if GLM will be able to run OLS beforehand?

Dear all,

I use the GLM package to compute a simple OLS regression with simulated data inside a loop. In some cases, the simulated data is such that OLS cannot be computed because PosDefException: matrix is not positive definite; Cholesky factorization failed.. That’s completely fine. However, it stops my loop. I would like to (pseudo-code):

if ols_is_feasible
  return lm(@formula(y ~ x), df)
  return Inf

Any idea how to easily do that?

Thank you.

I think you are looking for a try/catch statement:

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The documentation is not good for lm. But you can estimate a model with perfect multi-colinearity

julia> t = (y = rand(100), x1 = 1:100, x2 = 1:100);

julia> lm(@formula(y ~ x1 + x2), t, true); # a positional argument `true` here
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That’s brilliant, thank you.

Interesting. Is one of the variables ignored here?

Yeah I guess x2 is ignored.

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The true tells GLM to use a pivoted cholesky:

and the interface:

Additionally, I’ve filed an issue a while ago to make this more clear by making allowrankdeficient a keyword argument here.

It would be a good first issue for someone who wants to get involved in linear estimation in Julia.


PR here.