How to change angle of arrow in Plot

I am trying to plot the changes in body angle using arrow in plot. I set the initial body angle as 45 degrees. I want to make the blue square and the arrow turn according to the change in angle. q is the position of the robot at every frame, and ang should be the angle at that frame. Rotation in anti-clockwise direction is set as positive.

	# The robot's starting position and velocity
	q = [1.0, 0.0]
	v = [-2.0, 2.0]
	ang = 45
	Δt = 0.1

	qs_x = []
	qs_y = []
	as_x = []
	as_y = []
	angs = []
	anim = @animate for i in 1:80 # This determies the number of MPC to be run
	    # Plot the current position
		# Attitude of the vehicle is not considered
	    plot([q[1]], [q[2]], marker=(:rect, 10), xlim=(-2, 2), ylim=(-2, 2))
		plot!([q[1]], [q[2]], marker=(:cross, 18, :grey))
	    # Run the MPC control optimization
	    q_plan, v_plan, u_plan, ang_plan = run_mpc(q, v, ang)
	    # Draw the planned future states from the MPC optimization
	    plot!(q_plan[1, :], q_plan[2, :], linewidth=5, arrow=true, c=:orange)
	    # Save Acceleration & Angle Data to csv
	    u = u_plan[:, 1]
		global ang = ang_plan[1]
		push!(as_x, u[1])
		push!(as_y, u[2])
		push!(angs, ang_plan[1])
		# Apply the planned acceleration and simulate one step in time
	    global v += u * Δt
	    global q += v * Δt
	gif(anim, "~/Downloads/NLmpc_angle.gif", fps=60)