How to attach the result of Julia REPL? (using vim & tmux)

Hi, I’m a beginner of Julia.

I always don’t find out how to attach the result of Julia REPL.

How can I do it?

Note: I’m using vim & tmux.

EDIT: it’s a matter of my terminal setup, see this.

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What do you want to attach it to? Do you mean copying the output into a Discourse post? Maybe this post will help you:

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After you suggestion, I read the post, but it says “do not copy and paste REPL output and upload your code instead”.

So, there’s no easy way to copy and paste REPL output…?

In general I guess this depends on the terminal you’re using - I believe most terminals allow you to select text in the REPL with the mouse, and then copy using Ctrl+C, but this doesn’t necessarily apply to all terminals.

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If you want to copy and paste, just copy and paste. It’s as easy as can be. But don’t take screenshots of your code, unless there’s good reason. Paste the code (text) an wrap it in triple backticks, as explained in the post.

No, it doesn’t. Please do not misrepresent what it says — quotation marks imply that you are quoting verbatim, but the actual text is

Include code instead of REPL output , except when the latter is relevant.

If you are using Vim, presumably you are running the REPL in a terminal, so just copy and paste that between triple tickmarks.

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@nilshg Ok, I see. It actually works for me (in tmux), makes me embarrassed :sweat: .

@DNF got it. Thanks!

@Tamas_Papp Yes, it would have been better if I just quoted it. Sorry for my bad interpretation :slight_smile:

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For someone who would need this feature in the future while using vim and tmux:
set vi mode in tmux.

In summary, it’s not a matter of Julia REPL but your terminal as pointed out above.

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