How to add emojis in jupyter notebook as done here?

How to add emojis in jupyter notebook as done here?Variables and Printing | JuliaAcademy at 6 :00 time stamp .
emoji of cat is inserted but not taught how it was done.
I am new to programming and jupyter. Can someone please explain how emojis can be typed in jupyter notebook.

You can go to and copy-paste any emoji (or just any text from anywhere, emjois are in a sense just text) to the notebook, or into Julia’s REPL.

I didn’t actually test the notebook, only the REPL, as I do not have it installed. I just know text handling historically didn’t have emjois (except for in text for, we used to do, :) and then not so much in programs, probably illegal as a variable name). But as of Unicode, emojis are supported as “text”, even in [skin] color.

If you’re new to programming, and emojis are your takeaway, then you’ve lost the main message. :slight_smile: As explained at that time-point, not so much used.

Just paste the emoji you’re interested in into the REPL help mode:

help?> 🐱
"🐱" can be typed by \:cat:<tab>
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I believe IJulia offers the same tab completion as the Julia REPL, so you can type


to insert a :cat:. Here in the manual you have a full list of all possible tab completion sequences.

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Who came first, egg or chicken?



Thanks. Really appreciate you sharing the manual


When I type the emoji it displays correctly here: :smiley_cat:, but when I type the same thing into a Jupyter notebook’s input cell it says this when run:

syntax: “\” is not a unary operator

What am I missing? Specifically, does Julia (or IJulia) need its private copy of conda to fully support notebooks? I skipped that step because I’m launching the notebooks from Jupyter in the browser, not from Julia, and it seems to work except for this emoji thing.

Thanks for any advice.