How to add axes to a 3d scene with makie

I want to plot the mesh of two polyhedrons into the same plot. Now i am able to plot both into a scene and adjust the camera accordingly. However when plotting without a scene just calling the mesh method a coordinate frame gets added automatically. Using the Scene i dont seem able to add the same or any style of coordinate frame.

scene = Scene(backgroundcolor=:white)
#cam = cam3d_cad!(scene)
cam = campixel!(scene,limits = GeometryTypes.Rect([0,0,0],[1,1,1]))
#cam.lookat[] = Vec3f0(0, 0, 0)
update_cam!(scene, cam)

m = Polyhedra.Mesh(system.Z)
n = Polyhedra.Mesh(system.W)

frame1 = Makie.wireframe!(scene,m,color=:blue)
frame2 = Makie.wireframe!(scene,n,color=:red)

Axis(scene) # <- not working