How does one build Julia using git for multiple stdlibs?

One can build Julia with make DEPS_GIT=Pkg, which causes the Pkg stdlib to be built from a git repo of Pkg rather than downloading a tarball. But make DEPS_GIT=(Pkg Tar) doesn’t work. Any hints about how to get two or more stdlibs building from their own git repos simultaneously?


I’m guessing that @StefanKarpinski will probably know.

Actually, @jameson is the author of this stuff. Maybe a semicolon?


it’s make, so it likes to work with words: DEPS_GIT='Pkg Tar'


@tim.holy Did you get it working?

Yes, thanks Jameson, works perfectly!


Can we add this to the documentation somewhere?

For example, the Pkg.jl README ( currently documents how to build Julia using Git for a single stdlib:

If you need to build Julia from source with a git checkout of Pkg, then instead use make DEPS_GIT=Pkg when building Julia. The Pkg repo is in stdlib/Pkg, and created initially with a detached HEAD. If you’re doing this from a pre-existing Julia repository, you may need to make clean beforehand.

But it doesn’t include the instructions for multiple stdlibs.

Is there a place that we can document Jameson’s answer? maybe.

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