How do I "wrap" a table object (in Luxor) around a torus (donut)?

I´m currently working on a Jupyter file and with Julia version 1.5.3 on a Windows computer, using Luxor. I have an array of arrays and a function (dibujar_matriz) which creates a table based on the entries of each array.

function dibujar_matriz(M, a, b, c)

    k = size(M)[1]
    l = size(M)[2]

    t = Table(k, l, 500/k, 500/l)
        for i ∈ 1:l
            for j ∈ 1:k
                if M[j,i] == 1
                    sethue(a,b,c) #Color de la matriz
                    box(t, j, i, :fill)


I have been displaying these using @png which works fine, but I would like to display them in a torus shape instead of as a plane image. The idea is for it to look like this:

Any help will be truly appreciated!

You need to learn Makie.jl. :joy:


i have already been able to create the torus, yet I have no clue how to “wrap” each array around it.

I would imagine that you can wrap a PNG or JPEG image around a surface in Makie. I have seen a few “globe” images drawn in Makie ( so I’m sure a torus is possible. But I don’t understand Makie at all, so perhaps open an issue there?


Thanks a lot!!

Truer words have never been said… It’s a really nice package but boy is the manual inscrutable