How do I get started with Deep Learning in Julia as a Deep Learning practitioner? And other questions

Hi, I am a Deep Learning practitioner working in Computer Vision. With that role that I do on the side, I am also a CS Master’s student.

I have several questions.

  1. I am familiar with PyTorch and fastai. How do I get started using Julia for Computer Vision? My focus would be on both being able to train models with custom architectures and using transfer learning to quickly solve usual problems?

  2. With that, I will want to know how do I load data in several manners into Julia to be processed for training?

  3. I have no idea what cool things are happening in the Differential Equations space. I had taken multiple DE courses in college- when I was a Physics undergrad. Can someone point me towards resources where I can bridge my DE knowledge with the new cool things?

  4. Finally, can anyone suggest me resources to learn Graph Neural Nets with Julia?


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