How do I forcefully import all functions/macros from my Package into my testing en

How do I forcefully import all functions/macros from my Package into my testing environment. I currently have this monstrosity at the top of my runtests.jl

import AutoActuary: add_namespace, add_t_index, has_symbol, is_t_dottable, t_to_dot, ispreprocessable, remove_linenumbernodes, 
                    get_variables, t_linearcombinations, replace_variables, replace_variables, get_t_offsets, cycleclusters, 
                    add_name!, add_edge!, set_name!, get_name, get_id, has_name, create_a_dependancy_graph

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Boston Gelwan 1 hour ago

Wouldn’t using AutoActuary do the trick?

Boston Gelwan 1 hour ago

Unless the issue is that they aren’t exported.

Heetbeet 1 hour ago

Yes, they aren’t exported, but I still want to test then without having to type or import foo explicitely.

Boston Gelwan 1 hour ago

I actually don’t think explicit imports are very monstruous at all. I’d be less comfortable with importing all the non-exported members of a module with some hack than just writing things out.But perhaps you and I differ in a sense of style. (edited)

Heetbeet 1 hour ago

I like explicit import and also likes to hide most of my internal functions, but in the case of testing, I would like to have something as close to “living in the same namespace” as possible.

Mark Kittisopikul 1 hour ago

What happen if you implemented the tests within the module itself and then just ran them from runtests.jl ?

Tommy Hofmann 1 hour ago

for i in names(AutoActuary, all = true);try Main.eval(Meta.parse("import AutoActuary: " * string(i))); catch e; end; end

Fredrik Ekre 1 hour ago

import AutoActuary as aa and then etc?

Heetbeet 43 minutes ago

@Mark Kittisopikul, like having them in a function and then call that function from runtests.jl? I haven’t thought about that, that might work. But I think it’s nice having all the tests at the testy location.

Heetbeet 32 minutes ago

I think I’m going to use this function, and then when I get closer to a “first release” remove it with the explicit names.

exportall() = begin
    for i in names(AutoActuary, all=true)
        if i in (:eval, :include)
            Main.eval(Meta.parse("import AutoActuary: $(i)"))
        catch e

Heetbeet < 1 minute ago

Hmmm, but you end up losing all the VSCode clickiness action.