How do I clear a plot using Plots?

How do I clear plot in Atom? I know it is a very basic question, but I just can’t find the answer.

I am using the default backend which seems to be GR.

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If you mean this kind of plot, then you have some buttons near the plot called “Forget plot”, etc.

Okay nice to know, that there is a way to do it manually, but how would I do it programmatically?

Currently, I am just doing “plot()” to make a new plot window, but just feels like there should be another way.

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In order to do it programatically my approach is to use InspectDR package(which is based on Gtk). This creates plot windows that can be closed by a dedicated function, as the developer of the package explains in this topic:

I hope this helps.

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Yes it did, thank you very much. Will try to start using this package.

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