How do I avoid subtypes when building a type lookup for parsing?

I read in a csv file and I want to generate types based on the content.
My idea was to build a lookup dictionary for this, however the subtypes function only exists in InteractiveUtils.jl. I would like to avoid including this in my package.

How do I avoid using subtypes to build a save translation of string/symbols to types.

The current code looks like this:

function build_lookup_dict(abstract_type)
    types = subtypes(abstract_type)
    return Dict(nameof.(types) .=> types)

abstract type myabstracttype end
struct mytype1 <: myabstracttype end
struct mytype2 <: myabstracttype end


julia> input = " mytype1"
" mytype1"

julia> dict = build_lookup_dict(myabstracttype)
Dict{Symbol, DataType} with 2 entries:
  :mytype1 => mytype1
  :mytype2 => mytype2

julia> dict[Symbol.(strip(input))]