How can I find where a method is called within my code?

While using Julia’s multiple dispatch feature I built quite a few methods of the same function.

For example:

function foo(df::DataFrame)

function foo(x::Float64)

function foo(d::Dict(Symbol,Vector{Float64}))

Now I suspect that some of these methods may be obsolete, in the sense that they are no longer called by the main program or any other functions therein.

So I would like to remove the obsolete functions. Suppose, for example, that the first of the three functions above is not called anywhere in my code. How could I find out if that is the case?

On thing I could do would be to search for “foo(” and look at every call to a method of foo and check visually if that is the method I am looking for.

This would be quite time consuming.

I could also refine the search using regular expressions, but that would help only for those function calls that specified the argument types.

Another thing I could do would be to comment the method out and try to run the programs I wrote and see where they crash.

There are several problems with this method.

First, I would have to run several programs, and some of them might take a
long time running before they crash.

Second, the function calls might be scattered through several files and there might be several calls in each file. A crash would only let me identify one function call.

So is there a way to locate all function calls to a specific method of a function throughout my code?


You can try @warn("foo(df::DataFrame) is used here") inside foo(df::DataFrame). It outputs a warning to the REPL, including line number, without stopping the code. Not sure how deep it reports line numbers but it could be worth a try.

Depending on how you want to do it these macros could be helpful.

If you code spams the REPL with too much too see the warnings you can also try appending x = @__FILE__ to a file.

Edit: Changed @__line__ to @__LINE__ and @__file__ to @__FILE__ in case somebody doesn’t read the following posts.

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It looks like @warn is deprecated. But I am using the Logging package and can do something along the lines you suggested. That is very helpful.

I could not use the @__line__ and @__file__ macros:

julia> x = @__line__
ERROR: UndefVarError: @__line__ not defined

Maybe I should be using a package that enables this macro.

Not quite the use case I had in mind when building it, but maybe you find the @trace macro from TraceFuns.jl helpful:

julia> function foo(x::Float64)
foo (generic function with 1 method)

julia> using TraceFuns

julia> @trace foo(1.0) foo
0: foo(1.0) -- Method foo(x::Float64) in Main at REPL[6]:1
0: foo(1.0) -> Float

In any case, it appears the macros mentioned by @Daneel are called @__LINE__ and @__FILE__.

Good to know. It seems my code will need some updates for the latest version of Julia. I have been using Julist 1.7.x.

Thanks for the corrections @bertschi. I had some issues formatting them and didn’t notice my mistake.