HorseML.jl (formerly LearningHorse.jl)


I’m glad to release new version of this package. please try using this version!

Big change

Although it is a new version, please note that the package name has also been changed to HorseML because I changed the account name on GitHub.
So, to install a new version, please do the following:

pkg> rm LearningHorse
pkg> add HorseML

Other changes

And there are many bug fixes and additional features in this.

  • added many functions!
    The activation function and loss function have increase significantly.
  • DataFrames are now supported in Preprocessing
    Based on the proposal I received at the time of the previous release, I now supported DataFrames.

At the moment, I’m making basic function, but the development goal of HorseML is to “provide new function as much as possible”. I’ll implement new functions in the feature.


Please see the documentation for details!
docs dev


What does LearningHorse do? Maybe machine learning? Could you say something about its capabilities?


Yes, HorseML is Machine Learning Library.
You can make model like:

  • Regression
  • Classifiers
  • DecisionTree

You can also do preprocessing.
If you read the Tutorial on Docs, you can try most of the features.