Higher resolution DateTime/TimeStamp



Thanks - that is indeed a problem I hadn’t thought of…


It may be better to abstract the functionality to an interface, for which the user can define conforming implementations. I experimented with the opposite problem (saving bits by changing the epoch) in

and it would be nice to have all these approaches work together.


For the record:

I have published the first version of AstroTime.jl.

We had a discussion about the accuracy and resolution here: https://github.com/JuliaAstro/AstroTime.jl/issues/28

In theory we should be able to achieve an accuracy of 55 attoseconds for a range of 10x the age of the universe (I have not tested these extremes though because most date-based algorithms become meaningless there). Shifting an epoch with a subsecond offset close to machine precision by a million years works though (see here) :smile:




pkg> add TimesDates

using TimesDates, Dates

tm = TimeDate(now()) + Microsecond(12) + Nanosecond(345)


q.v. https://github.com/JeffreySarnoff/TimesDates.jl