Help with solving symbolic nonlinear system of equations

Hi, I wrote some Matlab code that uses vpasolve to solve for the elements in a vector (x=[x1,x2,x3,etc]) in a matrix-based equation ( term = x) and the term itself has x values in it. The term is super complicated and based on a theoretical model so I will keep things general when describing them.

But essentially in Matlab I have:
x = vpasolve(eqn,x)

I am trying to translate this into Julia and tried sympy package’s nonlinsolve and nsolve function. However I keep getting the error pasted below. It seems like things should be in symbolic object rather than sym?? If that’s the case what does that mean and how do I create sympy symbolic objects and not sym ?


I didn’t type in all this, but my guess is the issue is that there is no extra interface provided by nsolve, so you would need to qualify the call, as in sympy.nsolve(.... (I’m working on a PR to address this, as it came up before.)