Help with Pkg Error in Julia 1.6.1 (windows)

Dear Community,

would like to request your help with the following error.

Recently I installed Julia 1.6.1 in a windows machine, and
for some strange reason the Pkg.add(…) throws the following
ERROR: KeyError: key “URIs” not found

The same lines in the older Julia version 1.4.2 work without
any problems.

What might be causing this ?

Kind Regards,

Welcome to Julia Discourse!

It’s hard to say what’s happening based on the information you’ve provided. Do you get this error when adding any package, or is it only when you are trying to add a specific package? If the latter, what package (and version)?

Usually when asking for help with errors, it is helpful if you include the full error message and stacktrace, as well as a minimum working example (MWE) that reproduces the error, in a code block, i.e.,

Your code/stacktrace here

Dear Steven,

thank you for your response.

Finally I found what was causing this error.

My local “registries” folder (C:\Users\Rodrigo.julia\registries) was somehow corrupted.

I erased the existing one, and then I was able to install the Julia Packages I needed
without any problems.

Kind Regards,